The Summer Commemorative Father’s Day Aloha shirt has been a tradition since the early 90’s featuring a block design which includes the release year directly onto the print.  Designed by Big Island artist Dietrich Varez, this classic fit will be a limited edition, which means that when they’re gone, they are GONE! This year’s block print design will certainly help you preserve Summer 2017’s memories for decades to come.

summcomm17Patriotism and the spirit of the Hawaiian heritage are perpetuated through our Summer Commemorative design. The 2017 collectible features 5 different designs of bold block print: American and Hawaii flags flying proudly together, hibiscus in bloom, standing and flying Nene goose (Hawaii ‘s state bird), school of Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, the kukui nut tree.



The reverse print Spooner Kloth™ collectible will be available in 3 colors (Black, Navy, Crimson). Of course you’ll have a to choose between a pullover or button-down style. This unique commemorative shirt is wrinkle-free and softens with every wash.



The 2017 Summer Commemorative Father’s Day Aloha shirt is available at all Reyn Spooner stores and online at