Check out some of our favorite spring break fashion must haves that you’ll want to toss in your suitcase for an unforgettable spring break 2017.



The bold and contrasting colors in this print feature tropical Awapuhi, or ginger plant known for its fragrance and beauty.  Made in our famous Spooner KlothTM fabrication, this men’s aloha shirt is instant fun and effortless style.

Longboard Li’i

Spooner Day 3-257

Our Longboard Li’i print will have you daydreaming about hanging ten.  The detailed woven pattern of longboards on this shirt is a colorful celebration of surf and aloha.

Holo Kiki


Sailboats glide swiftly and gracefully through calm waters in this relaxed-fit men’s aloha shirt.  A classic aloha look with a vintage nautical feel in a ultra-comfortable Cotton/Tencel blend.



Knot tying – an essential skill for any sailor! Square knot, figure eight, cleat hitch… how many different knots can you recognize in this whimsical, nautical men’s aloha shirt?



Load up the Woody with surfboards, food, family and friends… Beach bound!  Clearing a backdrop of plumeria flowers and ti leaves, this springtime adventure lands on the shores of Hawaii Nei in an aloha inspired men’s t-shirt. We also have three other designs so go check out our website