It’s that time of year again… time to THINK PINK! In support of breast cancer awareness and treatment in Hawaii, we’ve just launched this year’s exclusive THINK PINK print collection.

Collection For A Cause

Did you know? THINK PINK is an annual tradition that began in 2012 with a single aloha shirt style and has grown each year since. For 2016, we’ve expanded beyond shirts to include women’s scarves, bags and other accessories to form a Limited Edition THINK PINK COLLECTION. 10% of all THINK PINK proceeds will benefit the Women’s Cancer Center at Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children, Hawaii’s first and only cancer center dedicated to breast and gynecological cancer.

The Print Story

Reyn Spooner 2016 Think Pink print
THINK PINK Kupulau Pareau Print

This year’s THINK PINK print, “Kupulau Pareau”, draws inspiration from the history and lore of the peony flower, which has ornamental and medicinal significance for many cultures. It is said that the Peony gets its name from Greek mythology. Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing, threatened to kill his apprentice Paeon in a fit of jealousy. Luckily for Paeon, Zeus stepped in and saved him by turning him into a flower. Thereafter, the peony was known as the healing flower, and it is used medicinally to this day. Scarlet peonies (chishao) have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to cool the blood, relieve pain, and produce antiseptics. Europeans used the flowers to relieve the pain of childbirth and cure gallstones. The cherished peony is a national flower of China. Known as the King of Flowers in Japan, peonies have a more masculine connotation and symbolize good fortune, protection, bravery, and honor.

This year’s expanded THINK PINK COLLECTION features 10 Limited Edition styles:

Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt
Reverse print Spooner Kloth, available in both Classic Fit and Standard Fit

Think Pink Kupulau Pareau

Sarong Scarf
Wear it your way: as a versatile scarf, a sarong by the pool, or an evening wrap

Reyn Spooner 2016 Think Pink Sarong Scarf


Teddy Bear
Handmade in Hawaii. The perfect gift for your little ones!

Reyn Spooner 2016 Think Pink Teddy Bear


The THINK PINK accessories collection also includes large and small reusable shopping bags, an apron, and cosmetic and coin purses. Every piece is designed and made in Hawaii. This collection is available exclusively at the Reyn’s and Reyn Spooner stores in Hawaii as well as online at

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