It’s the Year of the Fire Monkey and many people greeted the new animal sign this year with great enthusiasm. Last year was the year of the wood sheep where dreams were made. The new energy of the fire monkey is where plans will be laid to fulfill those dreams. This is a year of enthusiasm, fervor, and action. You don’t have to be born under this animal sign to enjoy the characteristics of the high energy year, so join the fun! Here’s what you have to look forward to in the Year of the Fire Monkey.

What the Year of the Monkey means for you

Chinese new year 2016 of monkey. Zodiac and culture holiday, illustration

If you happen to be born with the personality of the monkey, chances are your happy, energetic, unpredictability attracts people to you. The monkey’s basic character is moving between experiences with great enthusiasm. Monkeys are imaginative, creative, and curious. (Hello, Curious George.) They’re reliable and love to help others. This is the kind of person who follows a passion, and success follows the person.

This Monkey year, it’s time to explore your own many diverse talents, observing everything, and diving into action. It’s easy to be distracted by the wide interests that you have, so it will be best to choose a single path and stay focused on it if you want to get anything accomplished. Staying organized will be a cinch if you keep your plan of action in your head. Go ahead and indulge in your love of travel, or one of your many other interests. The Year of the Fire Monkey is your opportunity to break out of the box and express the individual you are.

Famous Monkeys personalities include Justin Timberlake, Venus Williams, Elizabeth Taylor, Leonardo da Vinci, Ted Kennedy, Charles Dickens, Jennifer Aniston and Danny De Vito to name a few.

How the year of the Fire Monkey affects you

This is not just any Monkey Year, it’s the Fire Monkey year. Fire in the Five Elements is an expansive energy. Happiness becomes joy. Action becomes dynamism. In other words, the fire has been lit under the monkey! Adding fire makes you more of what you are. Marketers, salespeople, public relations professionals, teachers, and entrepreneurs – this is your year. The fire monkey is persuasive and confident, and loves to talk and engage. Fire types are charming and fun-loving, looking for stimulating environments and drawn to bright colors.

Why you should be wearing red this year

Break away from neutrals and muted colors this year in favor of bright colors. Red is the color associated with fire in the Five Elements, and is naturally a color you should be wearing this year. In general, red is the color of happiness and celebration in Chinese culture. You’ve probably noticed, it is often used on important holidays. You can reinforce that energy of joy and confidence in 2016 as you introduce more red into your wardrobe.

This year is going to ignite a flame in all of us. Red is all-consuming, stimulating, and is the warmest of all the colors. It breeds action; creates primal desires; and promotes love, pleasure, and radiance. By simply adding red to your wardrobe, you can infuse yourself with these characteristics, and become more dynamic. Use red to give yourself strength and overcome obstacles.

Add red to your everyday wear. A red shirt here, a patterned scarf there, soon you’ll have enough red in your wardrobe to strike the perfect balance. A great place to start is the Limited Edition Year of the Monkey Collection, but there are plenty of choices for adding red to your wardrobe at Reyn Spooner.

Chinese New Year Hawaiian Shirt

Start seeing red with apparel and accessories

  • I’A Ku (School of Fish). This crimson, relaxed fit, short sleeve button down shirt is perfect when paired with a fitted pair of khaki shorts. Take it from a beach day to a night time luau look with a comfortable pair of white linen drawstring pants.
  • I’A Ku Duffle Bag. Carry your color of the year with you to the gym, sport practice, or on vacation. This easy to carry, durable bag featuring an adjustable strap, can benefit your workout or field game, and provide safe travels.
  • Heliconia Sarong Scarf. Ladies, stay balanced all year round when you wear this versatile coal sarong scarf with gentle pops of sultry cardinal red and soothing green. You have an accessory that can pair nicely with almost any outfit.
  • Year of the Monkey Toddler Dress or boys’ shirt. Keep your little ones protected, vibrant, and full of life this year with a matching dress and bloomers set, or a relaxed fit, clever and playful three button t-shirt. Get one for yourself in cardinal red.

Year of the Monkey Chinese New Year Hawaiian ShirtIn life and fashion, mai iloko mai – that which is within matters.