Sarong Scarf

What to pack? What to pack? Gone are the days when what to pack wasn’t even a thought. If you had enough suitcases, you could bring your entire wardrobe – with matching shoes – free of charge. These days there are luggage fees galore, overweight fees, second bag fees, even first bag fees. More travelers have taken to bringing carry-on bags in lieu of checked bags. The airline industry caught on, and now even carry-ons are limited by size regulations. Shouldn’t you be thinking about which fruity drink you’ll be sipping first, what beach you’ll be lying on, and what adventure you’ll be experiencing?

In 2016 it’s a battle to get two decent sized carry-ons in the cabin; spending $25 or more on a checked bag is the standard; and don’t even get us started on the second checked bag. So, now we spend the entire night before a vacation mulling over every clothing item, only choosing the most versatile pieces and rolling them into little compartment bags. We divvy up our go-to hair care, skin care, and makeup products among tiny 3-ounce bottles. We do it all in order to fit everything we may need into one carry on, or, worse-case scenario, one checked bag.

Sarong Scarf

So what are frequent flyers to do? If you’re a woman, the answer is simple: pack sarongs. Lots of them. These rectangular pieces of dyed fabric are colorful, flattering, beautiful, and extremely versatile. What’s even better is that they take up little space in our bags. You can stretch your limited wardrobe with beautiful and creative ideas for wearing scarves. Add a touch of glam for dinner out, or go casual chic for a more relaxed look. This is a must-have accessory; perfect for the on-the-go traveler who doesn’t want to sacrifice personal style for space in her suitcase.

4 ways to get completely different looks with one dress and a few sarong scarves:

Sarong Scarf

Every woman has her favorite version of the little black dress. It’s probably the most versatile piece of clothing hanging in your closet. Putting this little gem in your carry-on can mean having four dressy outfits that look entirely different with a few sarong scarves and different ways of wearing them.

  1. For a classic look, wear your sarong scarf over your shoulders as a wrap. You’ve instantly glammed up your dress with this colorful and elegant addition. Add jewelry that brings out the colors of the scarf, and you’re perfectly put together. The bonus is that touch of warmth on a cool vacation evening. Vary the look by bringing the ends under your arms and tying it in the back, or by tying it in the front, 1960s Hollywood style.
  2. For an entirely new take on your versatile black dress, wear it hourglass style. Drape your sarong scarf around your neck so that it hangs evenly in front. Next, add a gorgeous coordinating belt over the top of the dress and scarf at your waist. Pull the two sides together a bit at the belt to create a plunging neckline. It also has the visual effect of narrowing your waistline. The scarf becomes the focal point of the outfit. Instant glam!
  3. The knot adds a bit of elegance to your dress, too. Holding your scarf the long way, tie a knot in the center. Halfway between the center knot and the end of the scarf, tie another knot. Repeat with the other side. Drape the knotted scarf around your neck for a clean lined, tailored look that gives a splash of color to your dress. Add some bangles, and you’re set.
  4. Another classic chic way to dress up your little black dress with a sarong scarf is to drape the scarf around your neck, loop one side over the other in a single tie, and slide the knot up to chest level. Slide the scarf around your neck so the tie falls in the back. Tug the front of the scarf down a bit to create a cowl neckline, and pull the half-knot up to between your shoulder blades. This is a classy look paired with an up-do hairstyle.

You can pack one simple dress and transform it into four elegant nighttime looks by switching out sarong scarves and tying them in different styles each time.

Sarong Scarf

6 more ways to use a scarf on any outfit Make a casual outfit more interesting with sarong scarves:

Bring your three favorite tops to pair with jeans, khakis, or shorts, and transform them into countless outfits with a few sarong scarves. By changing the colors, prints, and tying styles of your sarong scarves, just a few of your favorite pieces will get you through your whole vacation.

  1. Create an infinite scarf.  Position middle of the scarf in front of your chest, wrap the scarf around your neck; bring the ends back to the front and tie it under the first loop to hide the knot.
  2. Drape or tie a scarf over your purse handle .  It provides an instant pop of color and interest to your entire look. Plus, you’ll have it with you as lightweight shawl when it cools down at night.
  3. Make it look like blouse under a jacket.  Simply drape the scarf around your neck, then put on your work, jean, or leather jacket.  Voila!  A tropical print blouse that is wrinkle resistant.  Tie, pin, or tuck into your  skirt or trousers to keep it in place.
  4. Wrap it as a shawl.  It’s amazing how you can transform any outfit just by draping a sarong over your shoulder like a shawl.  Try it.
  5. Wear it as a head or hat scarf.  Experiment with it. Pinterest is a great place to get inspirations. Take a plain hat and tie a sarong scarf around the base.  Leave the ends flowing or tuck in for a cleaner look.  Tie it around your hair as a flowing headband or a chic turban.
  6. Use it as a beach cover up!  Don’t forget, tying a tropical print sarong scarf around your waist also makes the perfect stylish beach cover-up. It doesn’t get any more easy-going than that.  Also, fold it in half first to make a short mini skirt.  Tie it high above your chest to create a strapless dress.

You’re on vacation. Relax, nothing is under control. Mai iloko mai – That which is within matters.