With Valentine’s Day lurking just round the corner, Reyn Spooner has launched an exclusive collection Valentine Reds for all the lovebirds out there. Inspired from the strikingly bold red and crimson colors that signify the celebration of love, this assortment of apparel and accessories is a perfect cross between vintage and contemporary fashion trends. Valentine Reds is where passion meets fashion. This collection is style, class and panache all combined into one charming range of items that you simply cannot resist laying your hands on. The tropical feel of this collection brings to mind a vivid image of exotic, romance-filled vacation or Valentine’s Day beachy getaway.
Valentine Red has added Valentine themed items to various existing collections. A true vintage inspiration, Don’s Collection has been updated with a limited edition faded red colored shirt which is a pleasure to behold. A mix of Cotton and Polyester, the shirt has been hand painted with ukulele and guitars along with vintage song sheets and can be comfortably donned on V-day for lasting style and ease throughout the day. 1001251971-Don's-Collection-142-Cherry-FT

Personal Paradise another array of beautifully fashioned shirts based on Birds of Paradise Flowers are a solid addition to the Valentine Reds collection. It has been tailored from Spooner Kloth. This shirt is just the thing needed for a wonderful day out this Valentine’s. 1001261809-Personal-Paradise-08-Red-FT

The collection also features a variety of surf trunks from pinstripes to plain to patterns. One particular pair of trunks has been lined with pinstripes of varying shades from white to pink to red. It also features handy quarter top front pockets as well as a back pocket. Consisting of front snap closure with inside drawstring, the trunks have been made from cotton and nylon for added comfort. 10R2278113 Spooner Stripe 08 Red copy.jpg

The highlight of the Valentine reds is a sensual limited edition Heliconia Sarong Scarf in tropical print. It is made of polyester chiffon with Reyn Spooner printed along the margins on both sides. Its immaculately fine detailing and intrepid shade make this scarf stand out. It is a perfect accessory that can transform any drab outfit into a trendy one. It can also serve as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your lady love. This scarf is love at first sight.

Heliconia Scarf