Nothing else screams Christmas tradition like Reyn Spooner’s Hawaiian Christmas shirt does. The history of this iconic shirt goes back to 1983, when Reyn McCullough introduced the first, limited issue Hawaiian Christmas print, classically designed, and crafted using our signature Spooner Kloth. Coveted by collectors and admirers alike, each year’s new edition features festive flair and some Hawaiian holiday traditions inspired by the island lifestyle.

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Christmas in Hawaii was celebrated eight years after Captain James Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands for the Western World. The first Hawaii Noel was held in 1786 aboard the British ship, Queen Charlotte, as it lay anchored in Waimea Bay, Kauai. To treat his crew to a Christmas dinner, Captian George Dixon ordered a pig from the Hawaiian village on shore. The crew of Queen Charlotte went ashore on Kauai and played Santa Claus, distributing small gifts to the people of Waimea.

Though the Hawaiians knew nothing about the significance of this day, with their traditional generosity, they rose to the occasion. Chief Tyaana, aboard a long double canoe, visited Captain Portlock, bringing him a present of some hogs and vegetables. Captain Portlock returned the gesture, which pleased the chief very much, this was the first exchange of Christmas gifts in Hawaii.

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For over 30 years now, people all over the world have collected this shirt in the spirit of the first Hawaiian Christmas. Collect yours and cherish a piece of Hawaiian heritage and Christmas tradition.

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