Everyone always loves a good before-and-after renovation. There is something invigorating about watching a space go from being terribly beaten down, to shiny and new again. Watching is the key word here. Actually creating and remodeling is a very difficult task. It takes serious focus to maintain the look you hoped for, stay within the budget, and of course, the most difficult, sticking to the timeline.

With the grand opening right around the corner, we decided to take you behind the scenes of the renovation from Reyn’s Rack to Reyn Spooner Downtown.The new Downtown store is located in the historic Honolulu Star Bulletin building and will expand from 700 to 1,200 square feet. By taking this amazing location and mixing it with great taste, paying close attention to detail and hard work, the Reyn Spooner team was able to take our twenty-year old retail space and truly turn it into something special.

Careful selection of lighting, speakers, mannequins, flooring, cash wraps, hangers, graphic prints, and a few unexpected elements are making our newest Reyn Spooner store refreshingly fun and upbeat.The building is located at 125 Merchant Street and is an extension of the Merchant Street Historic District. The two-story building once was used as a printing room for the Star Bulletin newspaper, and also held a rooftop garden that was used for social activities.

Despite the changes over time, the building still retains its integrity of location and feeling, which gives Reyn Spooner a one of a kind opportunity to not only open a retail store, but create a gathering place for the downtown area.

In honor of our newly renovated store location, the Reyn Spooner team will be hosting an event on Chinatown’s First Friday, October 2nd. The event will feature delicious food, signature drinks, live entertainment and great prizes. Come by and join us to celebrate our newest Reyn Spooner store, between 5-7 PM, and be the first to see Reyn’s Rack completely renovated and looking brand spanking new.

For more information on all our newest arrivals and collections, head over to the Reyn Spooner website.