A typical Aloha Friday in Hawaii consists of good food, big plans for the weekend, lots of Pau Hanas, and, of course, a Reyn Spooner Aloha shirt.

Living in the islands, it gets hot and humid. So finding the right attire that is comfortable and breathable, but still looks professional, is hard to find. That is where we come in. Here at Reyn Spooner, we have taken tailored details that you would see on an expensive, designer shirt like wrinkle resistant fabric, a matched pocket, and a button-down collar, added to a bold, vibrant print truly brings the Aloha spirit alive.

"Newport Patch"
“Newport Patch”

Friends and family who may not be familiar with Reyn Spooner ask us, “What is it about your shirts? I see them everywhere. What makes them unique?” My answer is always, what is better than wrinkle resistant material? You never have to iron and you still look your best.

And, of course, the Reverse Print. It is truly one of a kind and when Reyn pioneered this fabrication, it sold like hot cakes. Aloha Friday wouldn’t be the same without an Aloha shirt that looks as if it has been warmed by the sun. So whether you live in Hawaii or anywhere else in the world, sit back, relax and enjoy a Mai Tai. It’s Aloha Friday!

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