If you haven’t heard yet, Oahu has banned plastic bags at all check out counters Island wide.The islands of Maui, Kauai and the Big Island have led the charge to ban plastic bags and Oahu has officially banned them on July 1st. Of course, this will be a transition for all of us.

We have always had the option of having our groceries and merchandise bagged up at the check out counter, when we are finished shopping. Not anymore! What this means is, we must be prepared and always have a reusable bag with us while shopping…But don’t worry, our Reyn Spooner team has designed an Eco-Friendly, reusable bag just in time for the plastic bag bans going on statewide. With this product line expansion, we will offer our sustainability fans a distinctive and green alternative to transporting their goods in true Aloha style.

Our focus here at Reyn Spooner is not only to create finely tailored clothing. We also have a passion for contributing to the local community and conserving Hawaii’s native life. This is why we have teamed up with Hawaii Wildlife Fund (HWF), a non-profit organization on Oahu, dedicated to research education and protection of Hawaii’s marine ecosystems and inhabitants. Ten percent of all proceeds from the sale of our Eco Bag product line will be donated to the HWF program in Hawaii.

Co-founded by marine biologists Bill Gilmartin and Hannah Bernard in 1996, the Hawaii Wildlife Fund continues to restore and conserve Hawaii’s marine life. Recently, the HWF team removed thirteen tons of marine debris from Maui and Hawaii, monitored and protected twenty-five green and hawksbill sea turtle nests and created an outreach program called “Marine Debris Keiki Education and Outreach Program”, that is being taught in Hawaii Island’s schools. For more information about the Hawaii Wildlife Fund go to their website.

“We worked hard for the plastic bag ban in Hawai’i, and we have a significantly cleaner environment, because people are using creative re-usable bags, like these lovely, up-cycled ones created by Reyn Spooner”, says Hawaii Wildlife Fund’s president and co-founder Hannah Bernard.

Beyond their wrinkle-free, reusable nature, our Eco Bag product line is part of the company’s efforts to reduce waste, by using remnants of our famous Spooner Kloth. Like our previously introduce Aloha Bears, ties, and handkerchiefs, the Eco Bags are created through upcycling, which produces an unintended uniqueness to every product. Typically, there are only enough fabric remnants to make anywhere from one to half a dozen bags. So what we are trying to say is…If you like the bag, you should buy it, because there most likely will not be another one like it.

All of the Eco Bags are made in Hawaii and each individually created by local seamstresses. Currently, we offer two sizes a standard 20.5″(L) x 12″(H) x 7.5″(W) and a smaller 14″(L) x 8″(H) x 5″(W); Perfect for packing a lunch or use as a lightweight purse.  The Company’s signature reverse-print method is used to provide these bags a more subdued, warmed by the sun style.

“It’s been wonderful to see that our sustainable practices and our efforts to connect with our local community can result in amazing customer response”, says Reyn Spooner’s President Kirk Hubbard.  “This new partnership with the Hawai’i Wildlife Fund makes the program even more rewarding and deepens our corporate commitment to giving back to Hawaii.”

So if you are ready to commit to no plastic bags, head into one of our 7 Reyn Spooner stores or online at https://www.reynspooner.com and grab one..or two…or three of our NEW Eco Bags. In honor of 4th of July weekend, we are going to be having specials all weekend long. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find our the AMAZING promotions we will be offering!

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