Reyn Spooner Asia Pacific by Dietrich Varez

Introducing our Asia Pacific shirt designed by Dietrich Varez to celebrate the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings in the U.S.A..  Our home town, Honolulu, has the honor of hosting the 2011 APEC Leaders meeting .  Our shirt features the four U.S. cities where the meetings were held, Washington, D.C., Big Sky, Montana, San Francisco, California, and Honolulu HI, all bordered by a lei of Hawaii’s state flower, the hibiscus.

22 Featuring Reyn Spooner by Opening Ceremony

22 Featuring Reyn Spooner from Opening Ceremony on Vimeo. Executive Producer: Cayce Cole Producer: Sebastian Pardo Associate Producer: Daniel Pappas Director: Gia Coppola Director of Photography: Autumn Durald First Assistant Camera: Aaron M. Smith Editor: Luke Lynch Color: Autum Durald Sound: Daniel Kaufman Production Assistant: Colin Trenbeath Production Coordinator, OCTV: Rory Satran Credits: Susan Barber Actors: Nick Stewart Nick Darmstaedter Charlie Eisner Sam Freilich Nathalie Love Fabianne Therese Jake Nordwind…